Mastering the Crucifix

Mastering the CrucifixIn his first book, Matt "Aesopian" Kirtley unveils the crucifix system that he began construction as a white belt. His approach to the crucifix and reverse omoplata fully integrates this under-used position into a well-rounded arsenal, helping you to fill a hole in your game that you may not even know existed. Buy it today!

3-D Jiu-Jitsu

3D-BJJThis free jiu-jitsu instructional from purple belt Marshal D. Carper is an experiment in presentation and design that marries the best features of print instructionals, mobile app instructionals, and DVD instructionals into one easy-to-use digital experience. Read it for free!

The Freshest Artechoke in a Can

Introducing White Belt Problems

White belts are a strange breed. They come onto the mat with a Frankenstein monster of an idea of what training should be, fashioned from Ultimate Fighter highlights and YouTube videos and Kung Fu flicks. White belts ask odd questions, and they make unusual mistakes in decorum, etiquette, and technique. But we love them. White […]