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3 Days Left to Get Stephan Kesting’s Free E-Book


I started training jiu-jitsu pre-YouTube. If you wanted to learn jiu-jitsu outside of a gym, you had to buy a DVD, a book, a magazine, or read through a blog. This meant that high-quality content was hard to find. You were never quite sure what you would get when you purchased a DVD, and deciphering the unwritten details between photo captions was often a long detective process of trial and error.

In those dark ages of jiu-jitsu thought, a few blogs stood as bastions of high-quality, in-depth content. Stephan Kesting’s was one of those blogs. In addition to self-producing a number of DVDs that many years on are still relevant and excellent sources of grappling insights, he maintained an active blog where he shared mountains and mountains of technique and strategy.

In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Stephan on a few projects, and he was gracious enough to lend his support to Matt Kirtley’s Mastering the Crucifix. As the sport has evolved, Stephan has grown as well, and we consider it a huge compliment to have him support us and our work.

If you are new to the sport—and I meet more and more white belts that have yet to discover Stephan’s material—you can get one of his e-books for free in the next few days. Even if you are an experienced grappler, Stephan’s Roadmap for BJJ will illuminate facets of jiu-jitsu that you haven’t considered.

Head over to Amazon and download it for free while you can!