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Introducing White Belt Problems

White Belt Problems

White belts are a strange breed. They come onto the mat with a Frankenstein monster of an idea of what training should be, fashioned from Ultimate Fighter highlights and YouTube videos and Kung Fu flicks. White belts ask odd questions, and they make unusual mistakes in decorum, etiquette, and technique.

But we love them. White belts are the future of the sport, and we believe in supporting their growth and doing whatever we can to make the sport more accessible for white belts everywhere.

Enter White Belt Problems, a new multi-faceted jiu-jitsu resource.

Part 1: Make Starting Easier

White Belt Problems is the brainchild of Matt “Aesopian” Kirtley. He wanted to build the ultimate guide for new students, answering every question that forum veterans have seen and answered hundreds of times. In one swoop, White Belt Problems aimed to improve the retention rate for new students while also freeing up forums to spend more time discussing higher level topics.

Part 2: Facilitate a Growing Body of Knowledge

As it stands now, White Belt Problems answers the vast majority of typical white belt questions, but the sport grows every day, and we recognized that our perspectives are not the end-all. So we made White Belt Problems open source. Anyone can ask questions, and anyone can respond to questions, new or old, creating the potential for an evolving, comprehensive resource.

Part 3: Preserve the Share-ability of Knowledge

White Belt Problems exists as a free to use website and also as a print book. As White Belt Problems grows, we have plans of releasing new additions to reflect these new insights. Beyond our belief that knowledge should be preserved (one of the reasons why our cloud instructionals are also available as DRM-free downloads), we recognize that paper books are sometimes easier to share. You can give White Belt Problems to a friend, keep it in your gym bag to share, or buy in bulk (contact us for wholesale prices) to distribute to new students when they sign up.

In our mind, White Belt Problems is another step forward in our mission to promote the organic growth of jiu-jitsu, but it needs your support to truly make a difference. Thank you for sharing and contributing to this new resource.

Read White Belt Problems today.