About Artechoke

To us, promoting the organic growth of jiu-jitsu means watering the roots of jiu-jitsu: culture, instructors, and schools.


Books and Media

We promote jiu-jitsu culture, and we seek out the most-talented instructors, regardless of whether or not they have won championship belts, and give them a platform for sharing their unique insights and perspectives with the jiu-jitsu community. We take their one-of-a-kind  approaches to teaching and use rich media so that jiu-jiteiros everywhere can benefit from their knowledge.


Who We Are

Marshal trains at Steel City Martial Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Marshal, currently a purple belt, is the author of five martial arts books, which includes The Cauliflower Chronicles and Marcelo Garcia’s Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques.  Matt earned his black belt under Gracia Barra’s Eduardo de Lima and he is best known for his internet famous jiu-jitsu blog, Aesopian.com. Matt’s first book Mastering the Crucifix is out now. Artechoke Media is a result of their passion for training and their desire to help grow the jiu-jitsu community.