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This is a First: 2 Hours of New Mastering the Crucifix Content for Free

Have you ever heard of a BJJ instructional suddenly gaining 2 hours of bonus content at no extra cost? Now you have.

We’ve added 2 hours of new seminar footage to Mastering the Crucifix. One seminar is gi, the other no-gi. Artechoke customers who already own MTC can access the bonus content here (you must be logged in):

Don’t own it yet? You can buy Mastering the Crucifix or save money by bundling it with Jeff Rockwell’s Sit-Up Escape System. Get 10% using coupon code RELAUNCH.

The digital nature of Artechoke’s cloud instructionals let’s us do cool things like this. I have a few more additions I plan to make to Mastering the Crucifix later this year.

Let’s take a minute to talk about how cool this is. We’re doing things with BJJ publishing that haven’t been done before.

Marshal is a writer who loves books, but he’s also forwarding-thinking and sees that the future of publishing isn’t made from dead trees. Some time I’ll make him talk about his work to implement a digital distribution model for college textbooks. He was working on ways reduce textbook prices and save college students from being ripped off like they are today.

3-D Jiu-Jitsu was Marshal’s proof of concept. He wanted to know if people would “get” what he’s trying to do. Explaining what makes this different than traditional BJJ instructionals has always been our biggest challenge. Is it a book, a DVD, a BJJ subscription site, a digital download?

The truth is that it’s almost all of those things, but no one exactly. It’s a hybrid. Each component is familiar, but one one else has done it quite like this. That sometimes makes it hard to explain. But when we put it into people’s hands and in front of their eyes, they always go “Wow, this is great! Why didn’t anyone else think of this?”

Today I went through all of Mastering the Crucifix and added up the run time for all its videos. If we released those on DVDs, it would be over 3:30 hours long. Most companies would have split that across 4-6 discs, call it “The Crucifix Trap System: The Black Belt’s Secret to Punishing Any Opponent with Crippling Submissions” and pushed for $175 pre-orders . The price needs to be that inflated so they can pay the 50% affiliate fee to guys who hype it on social media and e-mail lists.

If we published it as a paper book, it would be as big as anything Victory Belt put on book shelves, back when they were into martial arts instead of CrossFit.

If it was in the app store, we’d have to split it into six separate $30 apps to get around the file size limits, like BudoVideos does with their DVDs.

The point I’m making is the Mastering the Crucifix is a big product by any traditional standard, and we went to the trouble of combining all of them in a new way, even adding multi-angle looped demonstrations not seen anywhere else.

Now we’re almost doubling the size of an instructional at no extra cost, basically because I thought “Hey, this would be cool to share.”

I hope you think it’s cool too. Tell a friend if you do.

Remember, Artechoke members have access to the private Artechoke Open Mat group Facebook to ask questions and get answers from authors like me. Find the link in the sidebar after logging in.

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Welcome to Artechoke Media 2.0

You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. That’s because went through a complete overhaul! The front and back ends have been thoroughly renovated, reworked and relaunched.

To celebrate, we’ve whipped up coupon code RELAUNCH to save you 10% when you spend $30 or more. Head over to the shop to see what we have to offer.

Let me explain how these changes are going to make all of our lives easier:

Improved Account Management

Through the My Account page, you can now see the products you’ve purchased, update your personal details, and track your progress through the cloud instructionals (more on that below). We’ve also resolves issues we were having with password recovery. Basically, everything related to how you create, manage and update your account is much simpler now.


“Mark as Complete” Button

mark-as-completeAt the bottom of every cloud instructional page, you’ll now be able to track your progress using the “Mark as Complete” button. The pages you’ve completed will be marked in the instructional navigation menu. Your overall progress is also shown as a percentage on the My Acccount page.



“Resume” Button

resumeWhen you return to, you can now pick up where you left off by going to the My Account page and hitting “Resume”. This jumps you to the last instructional page you were on.

Better Shopping Experience

The new shopping cart system brings all of our products under one roof. You can now more easily find (and buy) all of our products without having to dig around different parts of the site. The checkout and account creation is a billion times smoother and easier. The coupon code function is more robust, which means we’ll be offering more deals in the future.

Product Bundling

Bundle-MtC-SUESThe new shopping cart system gives us more flexibility in bundling products, which we plan to use to create lower prices when you buy combos of instructionals and e-books. Our first bundle of Mastering the Crucifix + The Sit-Up Escape System saves you 25%.

Easier E-book Downloads

All of our e-books are now in the shopping cart system. Download links for your past purchases (including freebies) are displayed on the My Account page. Our latest release, Training Wheels by Valerie Worthington, is available as a DRM-free digital download thanks to this new system.

Faster Product Development

On the back end, our content creation tools are streamlined and more robust. This means we should be able to more frequently release more cloud instructionals, digital downloads like e-books, and maybe a few new types of products we haven’t even mentioned yet.

More Coming Soon

That sums up the first big wave of changes to We’re still chipping away at the site all the time, so you can look forward to more updates soon


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3 Days Left to Get Stephan Kesting’s Free E-Book


I started training jiu-jitsu pre-YouTube. If you wanted to learn jiu-jitsu outside of a gym, you had to buy a DVD, a book, a magazine, or read through a blog. This meant that high-quality content was hard to find. You were never quite sure what you would get when you purchased a DVD, and deciphering the unwritten details between photo captions was often a long detective process of trial and error.

In those dark ages of jiu-jitsu thought, a few blogs stood as bastions of high-quality, in-depth content. Stephan Kesting’s was one of those blogs. In addition to self-producing a number of DVDs that many years on are still relevant and excellent sources of grappling insights, he maintained an active blog where he shared mountains and mountains of technique and strategy.

In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Stephan on a few projects, and he was gracious enough to lend his support to Matt Kirtley’s Mastering the Crucifix. As the sport has evolved, Stephan has grown as well, and we consider it a huge compliment to have him support us and our work.

If you are new to the sport—and I meet more and more white belts that have yet to discover Stephan’s material—you can get one of his e-books for free in the next few days. Even if you are an experienced grappler, Stephan’s Roadmap for BJJ will illuminate facets of jiu-jitsu that you haven’t considered.

Head over to Amazon and download it for free while you can!

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Super Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojo Storm: Championship Edition


Super Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojo Storm: Championship Edition celebrates the grand inside joke of being a jiu-jiteiro with a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the weird and wonderful side of jiu-jitsu culture. Instead of trying to replicate the experience of training, Dojo Storm uses RPG-style mechanics to thrust players into a world where everyone takes training as seriously as we do—from our unhealthy acai obsessions to our hate for all things board-breaking.

Play as Tim, an aspiring world champion, as you travel from a rural town to the big city of Bitsburgh to compete in the Polaris Team Invitiational, recruiting a zany team of martial artists to compete at your side along the way. You soon discover, however, that an outbreak of the McDojo virus threatens to infect jiu-jitsu, raising the stakes from winning a gold medal to saving the sanctity of jiu-jitsu as we know it. The future of the art rests on the shoulders of you and your hodge-podge team of fighters. Can you master the art of fighting and coaching in-time to save jiu-jitsu?

Learn more and lend us your support on our Indiegogo page!

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Pilot Episode: Artechoke Not a Show

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Artechoke podcast. In this episode, we introduce the show concept and riff on jiu-jitsu culture, news, and technique.

In this episode:

  • Jiu-jitsu cruises
  • The Metamoris controversy and this beautiful photo:
  • Ronda Rousey’s armbar against Luke Rockhold and the crossed ankles debate:
  • Shout out to Jiu-Jitsu Magazine (

Sponsor Nick and this show in one swoop! Reach out to to learn more.