Who runs Artechoke?

Marshal D. Carper and Matt Kirtley (of Aesopian.com fame). That’s it! We’re a small operation with a big passion for growing jiu-jitsu culture and knowledge.

What sort of products does Artechoke sell?

We specialize in jiu-jitsu books, and we use the term “book” in the modern sense. We sell traditional paperback and electronic books but are also especially proud of our rich media instructionals which marry the power of text with the depth of animations and videos. These books are available for purchase directly from us and include access to a cloud version of the book.

Can I buy Artechoke books through services like Amazon?

Yes and no. Our traditional paperback and electronic books are distributed and sold through Amazon. Our instructionals, however, are only available directly from Artechoke. As far as rich media e-books go, Artechoke is operating at the edge of innovation. Platforms like Kindle and iBooks are not yet equipped to deliver and distribute media-heavy content in a way that matches the experience we want to deliver.

In short, we have too much content in our books, making them too big to sell through Kindle or iBooks. Additionally, though mobile devices are equipped to play videos and animations, not all e-readers support this functionality when it comes to e-books. Though we see these services as important parts of the book industry as a whole, our ultimate goal is to deliver the highest quality product possible, so we sell directly to readers when the technology of our favorite distributors is not up to par with our standards.

Is Artechoke a subscription service?

No. Artechoke does not charge a monthly fee for access to content. Access to our digital instructionals requires a one-time purchase (per book), and then you can access that content indefinitely. Also, we want you to feel like you “own” what you paid for, so each of our digital instructionals includes cloud access as well as access to DRM-free downloads, giving you the freedom to download the books you buy, back them up, and upload them to devices like iPads, laptops, and mobile phones without restriction.

How do I access my collection of Artechoke books?

Use the log-in form on www.ArtechokeMedia.com or click here to log-in. From there, you can access your collection and edit your account details.

Sometimes the cloud versions of the instructionals I’ve purchased load slowly. Why is that?

We provide cloud access to make it easy for you to learn and study jiu-jitsu wherever you might be. However, due to fluctuations in the quality of 3G and 4G reception, you may found that your mobile carrier struggles to keep up with the volume of data that media-rich content demands. For best results, we recommend connecting to a WiFi hotspot or Ethernet connection. If you know that you will not access to these for long periods of time, you may have a better experience if you download the e-book version of the instructional and uploading it to your mobile device.

What if I still need help?

That’s okay! Contact us and we will help you!