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Mastering the Crucifix

This book, and the Artechoke Media vision as a whole, was made possible by the generosity of the jiu-jitsu community. When the first version of this book was lost due to a catastrophic equipment failure, Artechoke was on the verge of hanging it up before we even got started, but jiu-jiteiros stepped in and supported our Indiegogo. We got new equipment, and we re-shot the entire book from scratch. Whether you were one of our Indiegogo supporters or are just now finding out about this project, thank you for being a part of this experience. We are excited by the opportunity to contribute something new and meaningful to jiu-jitsu, and this book is the first of many.

Thank you, and we hope that we can continue to earn your support with each subsequent book we release.


In addition to the individuals that lent their support to Mastering the Crucifix, a number of jiu-jitsu businesses stepped in to help us as well. We were incredibly moved and humbled by their actions. We’ve been fans of these brands for many years. They earned our respect a long time ago, and we hope that you will support their products, services, and work as well.

Scramble — Scramble is one of the premiere equipment brands in jiu-jitsu. They’re innovative aesthetics have united a vintage Japanese spirit with the newer influences of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu culture, making for a unique catalog of high-quality swag and gear.

Gawakoto — Gawakoto, the brain-child of artist Bong Abad, contributes original artwork to a variety of projects and organizes collaborations with other comic artists to make one-of-a-kind products. Gawakoto’s comic book roots resonate with us because we are nerds at heart, and we think this brand will resonate with you too.

Stephan Kesting — Stephan has become a cornerstone of the jiu-jitsu community after years and years of releasing in-depth content in the form of free blog posts and now as DVDs, apps, and online courses. Stephan is pushing the envelope of how we learn jiu-jitsu, and we’re honored to have his support.

Origin — When Origin moved their manufacturing state-side, we knew this brand was going places. Their commitment to quality comes with elegant designs. That combined with their willingness to experiment and take risks with their work makes Origin an exciting company to follow.


In the heat of our efforts to raise awareness for our Indiegogo campaign, a slew of community leaders stepped forward. Again, these are people and brands that we’ve long admired and respected, so having their help was a huge compliment.

Open Mat Radio — Open Mat Radio, headed up by Paul Moran, is fast-becoming the go-to podcast of the jiu-jitsu community for thoughtful discussions of the art and competition.

Verbal Tap Cast — Funny men Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips infuse interviews with the top names in the sport with unpredictability. Hilarity ensues.

Inside BJJ — The wild west of BJJ podcasts, Inside BJJ asks the questions that no one else would dare (or think) to articulate.

Groundswell Grappling Concepts — The ladies at the helm of Groundswell are leading a powerful movement within the jiu-jitsu community to rethink the way we view and interact with our training partners. We love their work and are proud to support it.

Tap Cancer Out — From its inception, Tap Cancer Out has been about giving. In addition to raising money for cancer-related charities, Tap Cancer Out also goes to great lengths to support grassroots jiu-jitsu movements and projects. If you have not bought one of their t-shirts or attended one of their events, don’t wait any longer!

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Instructional Content

Chapters Status



1 Basic Crucifix Setups


1-1 Countering Bad Single Leg


1-2 Countering Fireman’s Carry


1-3 Sprawl


1-4 Spin Behind


1-5 Side Ride


1-6 Crucifix from Side Ride


1-7 Catching It In Transition


2 Crucifix Fundamentals


2-1 Kneeling Crucifix


2-2 Traditional Crucifix


2-3 Kneeling Crucifix Submissions


2-4 Submissions from Traditional Crucifix


2-5 Recountering Escapes


3 Reverse Omoplata


3-1 Fundamental Five


3-2 Reverse Omoplata - Troubleshooting


3-3 Drill: Rapid Reverse Omoplatas


4 Advanced Crucifix Setups


4-1 Passing Guard to Crucifix


4-2 Crucifix from Guard


4-3 The Big Step


BONUS: 10th Planet Chicago Seminar


BONUS: Steel City Martial Arts Seminar


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