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The Underestimated Underhook Half Guard


Josh “Sloth” Vogel is a Team Balance black belt and author of The Sloth Report, a premium BJJ newsletter devoted to in-depth technical analysis and instruction. In his instructional debut, Josh showcases the thorough and accessible instructional style that forged his reputation as a teacher. Through his underhook half guard system, Josh takes a fundamental position and explores its use with unprecedented depth, giving you a complete strategy for half guard and a roadmap for taking your half guard game from white belt to black belt.

The Artechoke Media Cloud Instructional format gives you a unique learning experience: see the technique in motion from every angle, read in-depth explanations of strategy and tactics, then watch the material taught on video.

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Chapter 1: Half Guard Fundamentals


Chapter 2: Underhook


Chapter 3: Crossface


Chapter 4: Connecting the Rest of Your Game


Chapter 5: Conclusion