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1-1 O uchi gari

From the standing position, one of the first thoughts you and your opponent will have is establishing your grips while blocking or stripping incoming grips. Here I will implement the Russian tie set-up to not only disengage Jesse’s grip but also to move into the more dominant Russian tie control.

For this technique, I allow Jesse to establish his grip first. By doing that, he willingly extends his arm, which allows me to get his arm close to my body without having to physically get it there myself. Once Jesse establishes his grip, I immediately begin to strip it while still keeping his arm in position for the Russian tie.

The cue to attack with the O uchi gari over other takedowns from the Russian tie begins when Jesse turns into me to try to disengage the Russian tie, which would therefore prevent me from establishing the shoulder or forehead pressure I typically want. Once he turns into me, I adapt the Russian tie with a little bit of judo to execute the O uchi gari.

As you learn this technique, note how I maintain sleeve control near the wrist and punch the arm across Jesse’s body during the takedown. By doing that, I eliminate his chance to base out to the side to prevent the takedown.