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1-12 Double Leg Finish

The double leg takedown–commonly called just a “double”–is one of the most common takedowns that you will see in any sport that involves grappling for one simple reason: It works. There are a few ways to teach the double leg takedown, and a few variations in execution, but here we are going to continue to use the Russian tie as our main set-up position.

The basic double relies on being in range, lowering your level, taking a penetration step, and compromising both of your opponent’s legs. With the Russian tie established, Jesse begins to defend and create distance by pushing on my head. That distance is a good indicator to adjust your attack to a double leg. I begin my attack by clearing Jesse’s hand away, ducking under his elbow, and making a penetration step. From there, I maintain a good posture by keeping my head on his ribs, then I wrap up both of Jesse’s legs.

These details are important. How you execute the finish from here matters, but if your posture and head positioning are comprised, you will struggle to get the leverage you need, so pay careful attention how I enter the double leg and be mindful of your own entry when you start to drill.