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1-13 Blast Double

This variation of the double has an emphasis on the explosion, hence the name, the blast double. Instead of the penetration step and taking your opponent over to the side as you would in a traditional double, the blast double powers straight through the opponent to put him on his back. This takedown is not only powerful but also physically dominating in a way by not allowing your opponent much opportunity to react or defend.

Where many people struggle with the blast double is clearing the lane for the takedown. The window to shoot through is often small, so you need a reliable way to get your opponent to open up to make your takedown fast and explosive. One of my favorite entries is to use an arm drag to fool my opponent into overreacting and pulling back.

Similar to the previous technique, I will begin with a level change and penetration step, but instead of putting me head next to Jesse’s ribs, I use my forehead like another hand to push him backward. Remember to use your forehead to push your opponent and not the top of your head so that you don’t jam your neck and hurt yourself.