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1-14 Drag to Bodylock

Arm drags can be used from pretty much any position, but traditionally they are used from standing. Despite their popularity, arm drags are often misunderstood. The temptation seems to be to yank your opponent toward you when you should instead be focused on dragging the arm across your body. They sound similar but in practice are quite different.

Here I adapt a Greco arm drag technique to the gi. When Jesse makes his grip, I take a step toward the grip-side and keep that arm extended so that Jesse’s gripping arm will also remain extended. As I step, I also secure the arm drag grip on Jesse’s elbow and I begin to redirect his arm across his body. Once Jesse’s arm is cleared out of my path, I break the sleeve grip by reaching across Jesse’s back and setting up the body lock.

As we’ve previously established, there are a lot of great options from the body lock to use. This is a solid way to get to the position and begin to execute those techniques, or finish with a crackdown as I do here.