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1-15 Drag to Single

Single leg takedowns are another option from the standing arm drag. The arm drag here will act as your penetration step and the way you sit becomes the level change. Techniques like this were popularized in the early 1900’s when wrestlers from the former U.S.S.R. would use arm drags to set up shots for takedowns like this one.

This technique begins like the previous technique where Jesse establishes a grip on my cuff. I take a step out and away from Jesse to straighten his arm and to allow me to utilize the arm drag. Since I am going to set up a single leg here, I sit to my inside leg, and my bodyweight dropping is the force that causes Jesse to move. The trick to that is in sitting and setting your body position up to be able to come up into the single leg. When I sit, I am careful to isolate Jesse’s leg by keeping it in between both of mine, so that when I stand I can suck Jesse’s leg back into my body for a more traditional single leg takedown.