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1-18 Spin Behind

The spin behind becomes the go-to option from the front headlock position when your opponent tries to drive forward. Whether you get to the front headlock from a failed takedown or some other route your opponent may try to drive forward to bulldoze his way through a compromising position. The answer for that is the spin behind.

As soon as Jesse begins to push back into my pressure, I capitalize on that momentum and use a snap-down to get him to the ground. I keep my weight on top of Jesse, making it more difficult for Jesse to get back up and creating a fulcrum for the spin. I take my hand that I was using to control Jesse’s head and slide it across the back of his neck until it can set inside of his armpit. From that point, I can focus my downward pressure into him, take a big step out and away from Jesse, and spin around to the back.