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1-02 Armbar from Mount

If you take the guard position and rotate it upside down, you have mount, so mount is like having guard from the top. In many cases, if you can do it from guard, you can do it from mount. Does that mean that you’d want to? Not necessarily. Mount is more dominant than guard because of your ability to use the mat and gravity to your advantage. To make the most of those advantages, you wouldn’t use any sort of position that doesn’t use those tools effectively, so most of your attacks from mount will more closely resemble your attacks from closed guard and high guard: cross collar chokes, armbars, triangles, and even omoplatas. The armbar from mount exemplifies this idea. As you can in the GIFs below, the armbar from mount is essentially the armbar from guard. You control the elbow, create an angle, and use your legs to control his posture. And to finish, you use your bones—hugging the arm to your chest rather than arm wrestling it into hyperextension—to focus your entire body on generating submission pressure.