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1-2 Sumi Gaeshi

Keeping with the Russian tie theme, this technique shifts gears to initiate a sacrifice throw. In this variation, I allow Jesse to extend his arm and establish a grip, just as in the previous technique, but the difference here comes in what follows. Instead of moving into the traditional Russian tie position, I bypass the biceps control to get a grip on the back shoulder of Jesse’s gi, near the shoulder blade.

From this position, I must get Jesse to commit to moving his foot backward. To do that, I place my foot next to Jesse’s instep and apply pressure by pressing my knee into his, creating enough pressure to cause him to have to move or risk his knee collapsing. When Jesse makes that backward step, that clears the pathway I need to set a butterfly hook into his far knee. Once that hook is set, a simple shift in body weight by sitting backward will create the momentum needed to implement the takedown.

A few key points here: This technique is ideal for pushing the pace. If your opponent is not giving you an opening, keep the pressure on. Also, when you make the shoulder grip, how you move your forehead back to the side of your opponent’s head to deliver pressure is a big part of giving you the position you need to execute effectively.