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1-03 Cross Collar Choke to Armbar from Guard

Jiu-jitsu is a game of combinations. As much fun as you loved no-scoping noobs in Halo 2, you have to accept that in grappling your first attack will likely fail. Like a jab, a failed attack is not a wasted attack if you follow it with a second, third, and maybe even fourth attack. If you’re wearing a gi, one of your safest “jabs” is the cross collar choke. It requires little effort to threaten, and you rarely risk losing your position if the choke fails. However, for all its simplicity, an experienced opponent will know to respect the power of the cross collar choke and will work to defend and prevent it. Many of these defenses require your opponent to move an arm, either to peel the choke free or to block the second hand from securing a grip. When this happens, you have an opportunity to isolate his elbow and climb your legs up for the armbar.