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1-3 Russian Sumi Gae

This technique begins with the traditional Russian tie, but I find that I am struggling to get my opponent to move backward to give me the sumi gaeshi from the previous technique.

To keep the pressure on, I maintain the biceps control grip but switch the grip on the sleeve from underneath on the seam to over the top of the arm and back to the elbow. From there, I secure Jesse’s elbow to his chest while regaining a grip on the seam of the sleeve.

Just like in the previous technique, I grip the shoulder. In this situation, Jesse makes a very common move to try to get out of danger by turning into me instead of moving backward. Just as in the last technique, I clear Jesse’s leg with the knee-on-knee to put his weight back on his heels.

Instead of setting the butterfly hook here, I step latterly across his body in the same way a baseball pitcher’s leg will step back to generate momentum. But unlike a baseball pitcher–who would bring their foot forward again to carry the momentum–I plant that foot then use the momentum and twist my body by rotating my hips backward and up. I then continue to twist and roll myself into Jesse to initiate the throw. That, combined with the grip on the shoulder of the gi forces the throw to completion.