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1-5 Morote Seoi Nage

This version of the seoi nage provides more control over the opponent by maintaining both grips throughout the throw. The grip set-up remains the same as in the previous technique, but here I will alter the placement of the lapel grip by starting a little lower on the lapel than normal. From there, I pull Jesse’s lapel up while pulling his own thumb back to his shoulder. That will direct my elbow forward and position his arm in a way that will allow me to put my wrist in position under his armpit for the throw.

I use a bit of timing at this point when I place the wrist into Jesse’s armpit, then squat to the seoi nage. Once in position, I can simply roll him over my shoulder for the throw.

This throw is perfect for anyone who wants to keep control of their opponent since you do not have to abandon a grip to go to a position to throw. While this technique doesn’t require strength to complete, it does play well to the bigger guys in the sport who are used to using their heft to maneuver their opponents.