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1-05 Spin-Under Armbar to Sweep

The armbar from guard and the armbar from mount are not just similar in execution, they are connected by the spin under transition, which takes you from guard to mount. The spin under transition had a big impact on my game when I was a white belt and a blue belt. I originally learned the technique from Mastering the Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo, but my instructors, Santino and Sonny Achille, pointed out some key details that made the transition extremely high percentage for me, like gripping low on the toes to increase the power of my lever and to pull my opponent’s leg over top of me like I was swinging the loop of a lasso (my simile, not theirs). In the long term, using this transition taught me to chase the armbar, to lock it in and fight for the finish even if it took me five minutes and four spin under sweeps to finally get the tap. No matter where you start the armbar, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself in a position to use this sweep.