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1-6 Russian Tie to Single

The versatility of the Russian tie can also be utilized to set up a single leg takedown. This is a great tool to add into the Swiss Army Knife that is the Russian tie because it’s something that can be utilized when nothing else has worked, or in a competition setting where other opponents may have already seen other takedowns from the Russian Tie. This takedown is also a nice little twist on a traditional favorite.

I enter with the standard Russian tie grip. Using my leg that is farthest from Jesse, I take a lateral step that forces him to follow. As soon as Jesse steps, I clear the tied up arm to grab the single leg and establish control. Control from that point is going to be maintained by keeping Jesse’s leg elevated and keeping his weight on his back leg by using my head pressure to prevent him from redistributing his weight.

An important detail: To get Jesse to take the step to follow me, it is imperative that I keep downward shoulder pressure on Jesse. The downward pressure dictates that Jesse follow with the step or be taken to the floor.