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1-7 Outside Finish into Leg Drag

As illustrated in the previous technique, the entry from the Russian tie to the single leg is seamless, but that is not to say that the traditional single leg takedown will be guaranteed. While the traditional single leg takedown is still highly effective, it is also hard to disguise. Here, I show a clever way to build from the single leg entry from the Russian tie, disguise the takedown, and end in a dominant, controlling position, which is especially useful against an opponent with good single leg defense.

The entry from the previous technique remains the same until the opponent’s leg is secured. I squat slightly making Jesse’s leg rest on top of mine. From there I immediately shoot my arm under Jesse’s leg to maintain control. I further secure the position by lifting Jesse’s leg high into my armpit to keep his balance compromised. Once that step is complete, I use my other hand to get a secure grip on Jesse’s belt. At that point, he becomes too wrapped up to avoid the leg drag takedown.

Once the leg control is established and the belt grip is made, I take a step forward into Jesse to make the leg drag effective. Overlooking this detail is a common mistake, so be mindful of it when you start drilling this.