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1-8 Barzegar

If your opponent starts to defend the single leg by weaving his foot out from between your legs, transition to this technique. This is a common defense, so you will encounter it relatively soon if you start to work more single legs.

When Jesse weaves his foot out from my legs, that is my cue to cup Jesse’s knee with the near-side hand and suck his leg back into his body before he can fight free. I suck Jesse’s leg back in and then takes a penetration step with my inside leg.

As I step, a couple of things also need to happen to complete the takedown. In transition, I use my free hand to grab Jesse’s knee on his planted leg as I continue to drive forward to land in position for the over-under pass. If I do not grab Jesse’s knee, but I continue to drive, he may be able to hop away. Also if I do not drive, but do grab the knee, there will be no force to make Jesse fall.

The key to the Barzegar finish is lowering your hips and shoulders, allowing you to explode through your opponent when you hook their far leg.