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1-08 Foot-in Grip Break

The foot-in break brings your legs into the grip fight, pitting the power of your legs against the power of your opponent’s hands. This particular approach to the foot-in grip break may vary from what you commonly see. In many cases, this technique is demonstrated with both feet in, forming a soft of x-guard against your opponent’s elbow. I used that approach for some time, until one of my instructors, Santino Achille, recommended wedging my bottom foot in and the stomping on my own heel. It’s faster, just as powerful, and makes transitioning to the triangle much easier. If you experiment with this variation, remember that the heel of the foot inside should not travel beyond your opponent’s biceps. When you thread your leg too deeply, you lose your power. When you position your legs properly, this technique is a great example of grappling with your bones. The structure of your limbs is your source of leverage. If that structure is not assembled properly, your success rate will drop.