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1-9 Modified Back Arch

Weaving the foot out of the single leg is not the only line of defense to a single leg. Your opponent may try to put their foot directly back onto the mat. If that happens, the back arch is a great solution because it will allow you to capitalize on the moment when your opponent feels safe.

When Jesse’s foot makes contact with the mat, it makes it very easy for me to abandon the single leg and transition to a bodylock. The bodylock makes it extremely difficult for Jesse to fight away from me. Obviously, my arms would eventually tire trying to hold back Jesse’s entire body, so it’s a key to not waste a lot of time in the bodylock position.

Once in the body lock, I take a step in with both legs to close the distance and shift my weight to my heels–a very important detail that is often overlooked. Once the weight is loaded onto my heels, I begin to pull Jesse back until gravity takes over.