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1-9 Old School Sweep

The first sweep I typically teach from this position is the old school sweep. This is a great option if you are training with someone who, whether by size, technical prowess or something else, is just simply too difficult to take the back and the closed guard option is either not possible or doesn’t make sense.

The old school sweep has a few advantages. First, you are very deep under your opponent, so their weight is not quite as crushing as it would be if you were higher up. Next, you can control both of their legs at the same time, which is almost always significantly more valuable for sweeping or controlling your opponent than controlling only one leg. Lastly, the old school sweep works perfectly in combination with the back take. If one fails, the other is often possible.

Off-balancing strongly upward to get your opponent high up on you, your first move will be to capture your opponent’s foot/ankle with your inside arm, reach under your opponent’s butt, and pass it to your underhook arm. From there, your inside arm slides up to your opponent’s knee, and as you pull it in towards your chest, you will be rolling from your side to a belly down position. This will place you on top in a strong position to pass since you have both legs controlled.