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2-08 Back Take Counter to Seated Guard

Though the opportunity to take the back might be clear if your opponent places his arm across your upper body, you may not see the same opportunity if he cross his arm across your lower body. In this technique, you trick your opponent into hugging one of your legs so that you can spin around to his back. The arm between my legs is now in a position where it cannot be used to block the path to the back. As you can see in the animations below, forcing your opponent’s head to the outside is critical for the transition as well. If his head is inside, he can use his head positioning to stop the rotation of  your hips. To increase your success with this technique, attack with confidence, and don’t forget to use one of your hands to apply constant downward pressure on your opponent. If you make it easy for him to drive forward, he will finish the single leg before you get to the back.