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3-10 Turtle to Single Leg

Learning to use the single leg from half guard and to set the table when your opponent sprawls will increase your comfort level with fighting to finish the takedown from the turtle position. Since you are putting the hours into developing these skills, you should increase the return on your investment by finding other ways to leverage them. In this technique, you turn away to escape your opponent’s side control and transition immediately into a single leg. This technique is often-overlooked because grapplers assume that turning away from your opponent is always bad. While turning your back is not necessarily ideal, sometimes it is necessary, and in times of necessity, it’s important that your technique is flawless. Note how I reposition my hands when I begin my transition in the animations below. I move one hand to the other side of my chin to block the clock choke, and I drop my other hand to the mat so that I can easily roll over it while simultaneously blocking the hole for a back hook and setting up a single leg entry.