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3-11 Double Knee Slide

I owe my knowledge of the double knee slide to my wrestling coach, Paul Reihner. He saw that I often ended up under my opponent’s sprawl because of my timidity with takedowns. While we worked on building my confidence in shooting, he also gave me the knee slide to help me win the fight from turtle. The double knee slide comes into play when your opponent is beginning to sprawl but your grip on his leg hasn’t broken. Rather than drive your entire body forward into his sprawl—a poor application of leverage and a waste of energy—you elevate your hips to create the space you need to tuck your knees in. Once you have closed that space, your structure—your bones—are in a better position to circle into setting the table. It may also help you to think of the double knee slide as a second shot, another attempt to get under your opponent’s hips. Should your grip break when your opponent sprawls, don’t bother with the double knee slide. Transition to the peak out instead.