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3-12 Peak Out

When your opponent’s sprawl breaks your grip, you must accept that you’ve lost your single leg. Leaving your arms extended is an invitation for your opponent to take your back or set any number of chokes. Retreating directly to a defensive turtle is not a bad idea, but if your opponent is focused on sprawling you have a window to peak out and escape the turtle position. As you may have noticed from the GIFs, a peak out is slightly different from a sit out. The peak out—pounding my knee forward instead of sitting my leg all the way through—is slightly more explosive than the traditional sit-out and places a bit more emphasis on creating a structure out of your posture as you move out from under your opponent. Again, I picked this up from my wrestling coach, and I’ve had a lot of success with this variation, but that doesn’t mean that the traditional sit out will not lead to success for you.