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3-02 Elevated Single Leg Finish

I’m not sure why this is a saying, but there are many ways to skin a cat. How you finish a takedown will vary based on your opponent’s attempts to defend. For our purposes, we are going to look at options for finishing the single leg that you can apply conceptually to other single leg scenarios. That is not to say that your other options are not viable; they are just different. In this technique, you elevate your opponent’s leg and kick out his other leg. By elevating the leg, you compromise your opponent’s ability to maintain his balance. You will see this concept come up again later, so keep it in mind. A small note on the execution of this technique: I did my best to be gentle with Darryl when we demonstrated this technique because of the tight shooting space. When you execute this technique in a live roll, your sweeping leg should kick all the way through your opponent’s posting leg so that it ends up behind your opponent rather than under him. If you allow your leg to linger under your opponent like I do here, he could land on your knee and injure you.