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3-04 Setting the Table

Learning to set the table was a major revelation for me, but in wrestling terms it is a fairly basic concept. If you are attacking the single from the turtle position—which could be the result of your opponent’s sprawl or the result of you entering the single leg from a number of bottom positions—driving straight forward plays into your opponent’s biomechanical strengths. His legs are sprawled out behind him like big kickstands, and his hips are driving forward into your shoulders as his weight sinks. If you change the angle of your attack and rotate away from the line where the sprawl is most powerful, you can recover your leverage and attack your opponent’s hips, which is where setting the table comes in. If you use this technique properly, you will defeat the sprawl and enter a scenario where your opponent’s whizzer is weak. The finish hinges upon your choice to elevate your opponent’s leg, which weakens your opponent’s base much in the same way as the elevated single-leg finish. Same idea, just less space.