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3-05 Stake Out Butterfly Sweep

When you remove the mental divider between what you might call a takedown and what you might call a sweep, you will begin to see more connections between your technique, expanding your options from the guard. The stake out is a carry-over from when I was a rubber guard player. While my comically bad knees have motivated me to revise the way I play guard, I still play the stake out when my opponent is standing and I am seated. My stake out game really started to expand when I realized that I was a few movements away from a single leg and that my stake out hook was actually a butterfly hook. Sure there is more space in this scenario than in what we traditionally call butterfly guard, but if I establish control over my opponent and secure my foot positioning—even if that hook is against my opponent’s ankle instead of his inner thigh—I have a great deal of leverage for attacking and sweeping. Having this new understanding increased the success of my sweeps and also created more opportunities for me to transition into a single leg from a seated guard.