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3-06 Stake Out Candy Sweep

In my mind, the key to a successful guard is an aggressive sweeping game. When you threaten sweeps, you force your opponent to choose between making a mistake and maintaining his base. Since that decision-making process occurs in a very short amount of time, your opponent will often unwittingly slap down a post or adjust his hips without considering the consequences. From the stake out position, you can expect your opponent to naturally keep his legs staggered so that the transition into x-guard is out of reach, but if you begin to manipulate his base he will likely step forward to keep from falling over. I’ve had so much success with this simple sweep that I started calling it the “candy sweep,” like taking candy from a baby. I suspect that this is not a new technique and that some old school Brazilian black belt has been doing it for years in some corner of Rio, but I haven’t seen anyone else teach it let alone give it a name.