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3-07 Stake Out Single Leg

As I refined my stake out game, my aggression increased. I developed a small series of techniques that I rotated through to force my opponent into a technical corner, a corner where I had the advantage. I threatened the butterfly sweep to make my opponent hesitate to grip-fight me. With his hands out of the picture, I threatened the candy sweep. Once he caught on that I wanted to grab his ankle for the candy sweep, he often exaggerated his back step away from my seated guard, relieving the pressure on my hips that kept me seated, opening a path for a seated single leg entry. How this single leg finishes will vary on your opponent’s balance. I often find myself finishing the single with head pressure and leg control alone, never fully coming to my feet before my opponent’s base crumbles. Sometimes I end up in a traditional standing single leg position, and other times I end up with my opponent’s leg passed in front of my hips like I was about to attack with an elevated single-leg finish. All of the above are fine by me.