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3-08 X-Guard to Single Leg

If the butterfly guard is a close relative of the single leg and the stake out is not that much different from a traditional butterfly guard, then you are likely to find yourself linking your x-guard game to your stake out game. At first glance, x-guard might look like an odd place to look for a single leg, but the nature of the position often gives you the opportunity to establish complete dominance over one of your opponent’s legs. In this particular technique, which is one part of a series that I use from x-guard, my opponent is posting his hands on the mat to maintain his base. I grab his wrist and elevate his leg to roll him on to his back. The opportunity to elevate his leg above his hips—like I did when I set the table or attacked with the elevated single leg finish—compromises his base. Alternatively, I can execute this technique by simply standing in base, which will sometimes require an elevated single leg finish if my opponent is Olympic-gymnast flexible.