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2-3b Rear Naked Chokes

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As with all back control position, your main attacks are chokes. Kneeling crucifix is no different. The three rear naked chokes presented below mirror those we show from the traditional crucifix position.

Rear Naked Choke

With both of your opponent’s arms neutralized by the crucifix, you still have an arm free to chop under the neck and dig for the standard rear naked choke. Use a quick tiger paw kung fu chop to get under the chin, then a combination of zombie hand crawling and finger push-ups to work in deeper. To finish, release the one-on-one with your other hand, slip it behind their head, and press down and forward against the back of their head as you squeeze.

Palm-to-Palm Rear Naked Choke

You can sometimes slap your palms together for a fast choke. To finish with this grip, focus on pulling your arms to your chest as you lean into the back of their head. You can always switch to the full rear naked choke grip if this isn’t getting the tap. The key points for making the palm-to-palm effective are to have a very deep claw grip over the shoulder and to pull your elbow back to your ribs as you hug tightly. If you can’t get the tap, switch off to another rear naked choke variation and continue attacking.

One-Handed Rear Naked Choke

Whether it’s because your other arm is trapped, or because you’ve learned the magic of this choke, you can even finish with a one-handed rear naked choke from here. If this is your first time seeing this choke, you may wrongly assume that it’s too weak to be reliable or effective. Because of your angle and because your ability to effectively close off space and generate torque, the one-handed rear naked choke can actually feel just as powerful as the traditional finish.