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2-3a Straight Armlock

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In all the crucifix positions, you have the option of attacking the trapped arm with a straight armlock. This threat distracts your opponent from defending their neck while also nullifying one of their primary tools for defense. This choke-and-armlock combo is what I call the crucifix double attack. Each submission is made stronger by the simultaneous threat of the other. If you want an effective crucifix game, learn these options individually and practice chaining them together.

As I discuss in the video below, I deviate from the standard way of teaching the straight armolock from the crucifix. I found I needed to alter it for height. A shorter or stockier grappler may find they don’t need to do it differently, but I present both ways so you can find what works for you. Either way, the core elements stay the same: trap their wrist against your ankle or calf, press your hips into their shoulder, and don’t slide away or let them yank their arm out.