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Sherdog User Gambledub Praises Mastering the Crucifix

SherdogLogoLargerImageWith review copies of Mastering the Crucifix still en route to jiu-jitsu bloggers, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Sherdog user Gambledub took the time to write an extensive, in-depth review of Mastering the Crucifix. While we recommend reading the review in full, here are some highlights.

About our use of looped GIFs:

The GIF’s are brilliant, I like how multiple angles are shown, and how Matt and Marshal also show troubleshooting (failing) aspects as well. This makes it a really handy feature as a skim through to show you how to do the technique, while reinforcing the critical aspects of the technique. I could see it being really handy in situations at the gym if I had it on my phone for quickly getting the important points ingrained before drilling/rolling etc. I also like how GIF’s focusing on different positions such as in the side ride section; the last frame has been extended to clearly show the emphasis on the final position.

Regarding the Artechoke model as a whole:

The format Matt and Marshal have gone for, has worked far better than I expected. You have the instructional videos, but chaptered like a book so there is no guessing times on DVD players or VLC etc. However unlike a book there are GIF’s and videos rather than comic book strips of techniques which are difficult to extract timing and subtle movements from. I really hope Artechoke have set a trend for the future of BJJ instructionals. I really believe they have set a new benchmark! Add that to the fact its online and I can access it anywhere from my phone, this is next level stuff!

Sherdog user DocSooner chimes in about our price-point:

I’ve only started working through it last night but will agree that so far this is an excellent product, and ridiculous at the price.

And HEAVY GRAPPLER commented about the format as well:

I am just looking through the free materials and that gif format is rad. That’s how i want all instructionals to look. I am always the guy asking to see the technique one more time.

Seeing this feedback is incredibly humbling. Artechoke has been a labor of love and passion, and nothing makes us happier than seeing jiu-jiteiros enjoy our content. We’re looking forward to refining our product with each release and pushing the instructional envelope further and further. Special thanks to Gambledub for starting this conversation.

Read the full thread or skip right to purchasing your copy of Mastering the Crucifix.