Mastering the Crucifix by Matt “Aesopian” Kirtley


Make your back attacks an even greater threat by learning the crucifix gameplan. Get a complete breakdown of the crucifix system by black belt Matt Kirtley in this online instructional.

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We’ve added 2 hours of bonus seminar footage to Mastering the Crucifix. Past and future customers get this extra content for $0. Enjoy the freebies!

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(Already own this? You can access it here.) was one of the first jiu-jitsu blogs. It’s owner, Matt Kirtley, started writing about the sport as a blue belt, cataloging techniques and ideas while also sifting through mountains of training resources to glean new insights into concepts and theories. Many years later, Kirtley is now a Gracie Barra black belt, and his blog is still an important contributor to jiu-jitsu thought and technique. In his first book, Kirtley unveils the crucifix system that he has spent the last decade developing. His approach to the crucifix and reverse omoplata fully integrates this under-used position into a well-rounded arsenal, helping you to fill a hole in your game that you may not even know existed. Learn Kirtley’s crucifix game before your training partners do. This product includes:

Web Edition – Gain access the full instructional online. Fully responsive on PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android. (Internet connection required.)

eBook – Download a DRM-free ePub version to enjoy offline. Compatible with Android and iOS e-reader apps.

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