The Sit-Up Escape System by Jeff Rockwell


Revolutionize your escapes and supercharge your guard recovery! In this cloud instructional, you’ll learn every detail of Jeff Rockwell’s sit-up escape system.

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Escaping is about more than shrimping! Jeff Rockwell’s sit-up escape is a unique jiu-jitsu tool that will broaden your horizons and change the way you think about jiu-jitsu. In this multimedia rich, in-depth cloud instructional, he breaks down this high-level escape system in great detail. He teaches you the basics of using the sit-up escape to defeat side control, north/south, knee on belly, and even positions like mount and back control. From there, Jeff connects his escapes to powerful sweeping positions like one leg x-guard and butterfly guard to create a well-rounded blueprint that plugs into your game.

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