The Underestimated Underhook Half Guard


Transform your half guard game with the fundamental and criminally underestimated underhook half guard. Learn to break out of crushing pass attempts to sweep, submit, or recover guard.

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Josh “Sloth” Vogel is a Team Balance black belt and author of The Sloth Report, a premium BJJ newsletter devoted to in-depth technical analysis and instruction.

In his instructional debut, Josh showcases the thorough and accessible instructional style that forged his reputation as a teacher. Through his underhook half guard system, Josh takes a fundamental position and explores its use with unprecedented depth, giving you a complete strategy for half guard and a roadmap for taking your half guard game from white belt to black belt.

The Artechoke Media Cloud Instructional format gives you a unique learning experience: see the technique in motion from every angle, read in-depth explanations of strategy and tactics, then watch the material taught on video.

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